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Bolster the Middle Market

A competitive US is created by, and depends on, the companies of the middle market—mid-sized outfits that have an outsized impact on the nation’s prosperity and success.

2015 Set for Even Higher Levels of Private Equity Investment Following Strongest Year Since Crisis

55% of PE firms surveyed stated they would deploy greater levels of capital in 2015, although 39% suggested it is more difficult to find attractive investments.

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Leveraged Lending Guidance Curbs Private-Equity Purchase Power

Stricter enforcement of leveraged-lending guidance by U.S. bank regulators is making private-equity firms less competitive in M&A processes.

U.S. Economic Outlook: Broadening Growth, Prosperity to Define 2015

Improving fundamentals should result in a broad-based increase in economic activity driven by an expansion of small and middle-market firms that make up the real economy. McGladrey’s new monthly publication, The Real Economy, focuses on economic trends affecting the middle market.