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Minimizing The Pain Of Raising Capital For Private Equity Firms

Drawing on best practices in business development, there are two key approaches – persistent marketing and thought leadership – that can make raising capital for new funds significantly easier and

Private Equity Comparison: 2006 vs. 2014

If 2014 was as strong as 2006, does that mean we could be looking at a record-breaking 2015 along the lines of what we saw in 2007?

Did Private Equity Firms Miss The Health Care Boat? (SPREECAST)

While many predict 2015 will be another busy year for health care investing, others say deal making is difficult not only because of high prices, but that the robust public

Family Offices and Institutional Investors: Changing Expectations from Private Equity Investment

Middle Market Growth Editor Deborah Cohen moderates a discussion with John M. Barger, chair of the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACER), and Chuck Stetson, who runs the Stetson family office and is co-founder and manager director of PEI funds, its investment arm.